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Sát Thủ Ghế Sau

Sát Thủ Ghế Sau

Life Hanging in the Ballance 2017Jan. 22, 20241H15M14S
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Xem phim Sát Thủ Ghế Sau - Life Hanging in the Ballance 2017

Title: Sát Thủ Ghế Sau – Life Hanging in the Balance (2017)

“Sát Thủ Ghế Sau – Life Hanging in the Balance” is an intense action thriller that delves into the dangerous world of contract killers, where life hangs on a delicate balance between trust and betrayal.

The protagonist, Nguyen Hieu, is a highly skilled assassin known for his exceptional marksmanship and flawless execution of assignments. With his cool demeanor and ability to disappear into the shadows, he has become one of the most sought-after hitmen in the criminal underworld.

However, Nguyen Hieu’s life takes an unexpected turn when he is assigned to eliminate a prominent politician. During the mission, he discovers that the politician, Le Van Tuan, might not be the corrupt figure he was led to believe. Haunted by the moral implications of his profession, Nguyen Hieu decides to spare Le Van Tuan’s life.

As a result, Nguyen Hieu finds himself on the run from the very organization he once served. With a price on his head and his former colleagues hot on his trail, he seeks refuge in the most unlikely of places – a small, secluded village hidden deep in the mountainous region of Vietnam.

There, Nguyen